Moravska Trebova – training camp of the KK Plzen racing-A team


The Czech Rollo League has a two-months-long break and the racers of KK Plzen used this opportunity to the recognition of Moravska Trebova, the place of the second round of the Eurocup 2008.
We spent there a weekend in the middle of June. Despite the long journey from Plzen we all liked it there. After getting over the tunnel under the hill Hrebec you get view of an interesting small town settled between hills. After sightseeing you see that Moravska Trebova has a neat historic centre and a Renaissance castle as well as beautiful surroundings with pure nice nature. More about the town, the castle and surroundings (only in Czech) here:
Terrains for scootering are both straight and hilly like all that area is – rugged and in the altitude between 300 and 650 m. Pavel Legat, a local scooter rider and the head of the Eurocup organizers, showed us round the race tracks of the Eurocup 2008 and the Czech Rollo League as well as many other interesting places.
You may be interested in the race tracks. Both criterium and sprint take place in the urban area. On the other hand, the long race brings you to rolling countryside and lovely nature. The track is 26 km long, moderately demanding and offers a long flat part as well as light ascents and descents spiced with two or three steeper uphills (the steepest part is the last 500 m just before the finish line). For experts at Czech (and Slovak) league races:
• the middle part of the track between Mestecko Trnavka and Dlouha Loucka is like the part of the Sumava long race between Borova Lada and Kvilda mixed together with the Myjava long race (Eurocup Slovakia 2007),
• the part from Dlouha Loucka to Moravska Trebova (mostly descending along a brook) evokes the final part of the last long race in Krnov.
Anyway, there is a party on Saturday evening with traditional Czech pork dishes and the Litovel beer. Moreover, organizers are just trying to arrange a visit of the torture chamber at the castle of Moravska Trebova free of charge for the participants. By and large, the race tracks are perfect, organizers are just finishing preparations, so come and take part in it! Hopefully we will be lucky with weather and the weekend is sure to be a great experience.
Accomodation – important!
School hostel at the Dukelska Street, price 200 CZK/night. The number of beds there is limited to 20! If you want to sleep there, please let us know by the 24th June 2008. Thank you! If you want to sleep in the gym (30 CZK/night), you don’t have to preorder it – capacity of the gym is unlimited.